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While some people took the pandemic as a chance to learn a language, work out like Chris Hemsworth, write a screenplay and read a Nobel Prize winning book a week, the rest of us ate a lot of UberEats and watched Netflix.

Now, as travelling is once again on the cards for much of the world, many holidaymakers – especially in America and Europe – are flocking to fitness resorts in order to shed those pandemic pounds.

One, who went to Movara, a fitness resort in Ivins, Utah, 11 months into lockdown, told CNN Travel, “I just felt so uncomfortable in my body.”

CNN Travel also points out that – according to a March research letter published in JAMA Network Open – “Americans gained more than half a pound every ten days of lockdown.”

We’re not exempt here in Australia either. According to the RACGP one in three Australians have gained weight during the pandemic.

The RACGP also states that globally, 31% of people have reported gaining weight since the onset of the pandemic.

It’s probably not a coincidence then that fitness retreats are now being spruiked all over the world – from Spain and Malta to Cancun.

Though Australians are not yet able to travel internationally, one imagines Bali’s yoga studios, fitness resorts and F45 businesses will, in the post-pandemic years, see a boom akin to what is being currently seen in America and Europe right now.

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On that note: CNN Travel reports that Slimmeria – a weight loss, detox and fitness retreat operator in the United Kingdom – has been sold out since May, while retreat guide and review site Queen of Retreats is “seeing the same thing.”

Founder of the retreat guide, Caroline Sylger Jones, told CNN Travel: “Definitely people are looking to lose their lockdown weight and get fitter.”

The travel news publication also listed a host more retreats and resorts and spas seeing a similar phenomenon all across the US.

Tweets recently posted to Twitter would appear to back this up.

“From this to this,” one woman wrote.

Others were disturbed by the notion that – at some of these camps – there would be no wifi.

As for us? As soon as borders open we’re heading straight to Bali to redeem ourselves after our last (disastrous) floating breakfast experience.

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