Could This Be The World’s Ugliest Rolex… Or A Work Of Art? Leave a comment

As the saying goes, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. What is picturesque, beautiful and serene to one person may be liked to the spawn of Satan to someone else. One industry that can certainly divide a crowd is the luxury watch industry. For the most part, high-end horology is littered with genuine pieces of art. You’ve got your Jaeger-LeCoultre timepieces with their exquisite detailing; Piaget’s Altiplano, the world’s thinnest watch; hell, even Grand Seiko makes some of the most gorgeous watches on the planet.

But it seems there is one brand – that really needs no introduction – that will demand scores of praise no matter how it looks: Rolex. Watches that come from the Swiss manufacturer extraordinaire itself are simple, yet elegant, with models such as the Submariner and Daytona. But because of Rolex’s notoriety, some people decide to customise Rolex watches, knowing full well they will still sell.

Even this monstrosity.

Created by @bigmiketh3jeweler, the “International Ice King” who values “Quality Over Everything” according to his Instagram page, the American jeweller is no stranger to covering Rolex watches in diamonds, and this particular model caught our eye. It’s hard to discern which Rolex model was sacrificed to create this eyesore, and save for the Rolex branding at the top of the dial, you would actually be hard pushed to work out what watch is hiding beneath the blanket of bling.

In the centre of the dial is the Eye of Horus, a symbol from Ancient Egyptian religion that is said to represent well-being, healing and protection – it would no doubt make a great weapon for self-defence, we give Big Mike that.

But, while we may be quick to pass judgement on this hideous example of horology, many users were quick to offer their praise, serving up countless fire emojis, repetitive use of “I need that watch” and “How much?” And, while he didn’t appear to comment himself, we reckon this Rolex would look great nestled within Floyd Mayweather’s ever-expanding watch collection.

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