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Looking good and suave doesn’t just mean wearing the most expensive clothes, and the most luxurious watches. But it also entails putting effort into self-care.

Self-care and beauty for men have evolved greatly over the years, and in recent times, it has become necessary for men to put in an effort into their appearance. Gone are the days when they could get away with doing pretty much nothing.

But figuring out men’s self-care can be a bit complicated, especially since for many men, beauty and grooming weren’t something that is taught to them from their childhood. Beyond using the normal soap and the occasional face wash, men’s self-care was neither considered necessary nor required.

So that’s why we’re listing out 4 male welfare essentials that will help you get started on your self-care journey.


Ask anyone and they will tell you that good cologne can be a game-changer for men. We’re starting with cologne because good scents have always been important for men, from long before. Choosing a good cologne can often be a complicated affair, given how many options there are and it can get hard to choose. Colognes and fragrances can be divided into wooded and balsamic, fruity and spicy, and floral scents. The kind of fragrance that you choose depends on your preferences, but if you’re still unsure, we suggest going for musky and woody scents. You can find them aplenty as they tend to be the most common yet classic fragrance.

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Regardless of who is, or where you live, sunscreen is a must. A lot of men tend to face increased and earlier signs of ageing and wrinkling due to simply not applying sunscreen. UV rays are extremely harmful to the skin, and not only do they amplify ageing, but can also lead to deadly skin cancer if you don’t wear your SPF every day. Many men believe in a popular myth that men’s skin tends to be tougher, and hence, you don’t require sunscreen but that is a big lie! There is no saying that men’s skin is not as sensitive as that of women, and secondly, regardless of your skin type, not wearing sunscreen will damage your skin.



Skincare is a whole different topic altogether, which we’ll tackle some other day. But if we were to pick out an essential from the skincare list, that you should definitely start with then it’s a good moisturizer. While a skincare routine does require more products and steps for your skin to be as best as it can be, a good moisturizer can help do a lot of the work. However, for the best results, your moisturizer must have the right ingredients that suit your skin type. For instance, if you have dry skin, nourishing moisturizers are for you, whereas if you have oily skin, light gels that contain hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid are the way to go.

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Taking the fragrance idea one step further, we are listing out deodorant, which is another thing that you simply cannot miss out on. While cologne is important, you can last without it, but that’s not the case with deodorant. If you want to stay smelling fresh and fragrant all day, a good deodorant is a must. Instead of going for the same drugstore brands, which hardly last half a day, go for newer brands like Native and Method Man which have a range of great deodorants, as well as antiperspirants and roll-ons. In many of these brands, you can find deodorant for men which is not only fragrant and refreshing and prevents the after-gym stink, but also free of aluminium, parabens, sulfates, and more.


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