Breitling’s ‘Gym-Proof’ Mechanical Watch Is Affordable Luxury Australians Will Love Leave a comment

So, what exactly is the Breitling Endurance Pro? It’s a sports watch, but maybe not quite as you know it.

Sports watches, if you were to search the term online, will bring up a plethora of models with digital screens, applications and short battery lives. Sure, these watches can keep an accurate record of your daily workouts and fitness regimens, but the inconvenience of daily charges and costly repairs is enough to deter many potential customers.

You could also, of course, apply the term sports watch to pretty much anything that isn’t a dress watch: diver’s, pilot’s and racing. These watches will most likely have delicate automatic movements and heavy stainless steel cases (or those made from other proprietary materials).

While these watches may serve up the necessary functions to record lap times by way of chronographs and sub-dials, for example, they’re not exactly built for life in the great outdoors. You wouldn’t want to take a chunk out the stainless case of your prized $15,000 timepiece now, would you?

This is where the Breitling Endurance Pro suddenly becomes the only watch you need if you keep active, appreciate exquisite craftsmanship and don’t wish to succumb to a life viewing a digital display.

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