Iconic 80s Artist Makes Over Switzerland’s Most Affordable Watch Leave a comment

This feature has been produced in partnership with Swatch.

The 80s was a particularly stylish decade; one that saw an explosion of creativity, technology and societal change.

One of the most quintessential pieces of 80s culture is the Swatch. The clever plastic watch virtually single-handedly saved the Swiss watch industry: minimalist, affordable and available in a wide range of colours, the original Swatch was an immediate success and became wildly collectible. Millions were sold, saving the Swiss watch industry and creating a bonafide icon of 80s design.

Another 80s icon was the late Keith Haring. The American pop artist and activist’s postmodern, cutting-edge, socially conscious yet contagiously upbeat graphics spoke for an entire generation. The bold lines, energetic figures and subversive messages that define his work remain just as captivating and instantly recognisable today.

Therefore it seems natural that these two worlds – Swatch and Keith Haring’s art – would find themselves together on a watch. Indeed, Haring collaborated with Swatch within his own lifetime, having designed four watches before opening his infamous Pop Shop on Lafayette Street in downtown New York. The designs were then sold in his store in a limited edition and remain some of the most collectible Swatch watches today.

Now, in 2021, Swatch has announced a new collaboration with the Keith Haring Studio, this time centering around one of Haring’s favourite subjects – Disney’s legendary mascot, Mickey Mouse.

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