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Hi folks! I’m Wanda, a Seller Happiness Producer on Bonanza’s support team. I work with Brianna making tutorial videos for our help pages and YouTube channel. I just finished a new one called “How to Relist an Item on Bonanza“.

Once an item is sold on Bonanza, it can no longer be edited. This means you cannot update the quantity and set it back for sale, but we have a simple tool you can use to relist that item. #relentlesssimplicity

Relisting items

To relist your item(s), hover your mouse over the “Selling” link and select “Recent sales” from the drop-down menu.

Locate the order containing the item(s) you wish to relist, then click the “Relist items” link under the transaction summary. 

All items in the order will be set to “Items ready to post” status. You must update your booth from the “Selling > Add or edit items” page to post the item(s) in your booth for interested buyers to view and purchase. You can delete any items from the order that are not in-stock prior to updating your booth. 

I have more than one quantity of my item available, do I have to relist it every time someone purchases it?

Boy, that would be a lot of extra work, wouldn’t it? If you have multiple quantities of an item in stock, you can indicate so on the item listing page. The quantity field is located directly above the detailed listing description box. Enter the available quantity, and Bonanza will automatically decrement the quantity each time a buyer purchases the item. That way, you don’t have to manually relist the item each time someone purchases it, saving you time (and time = money). 

You’ll see my video below, I hope you find it helpful. Brianna and I love helping sellers use the awesome account tools here at Bonanza. We are always looking for new tutorial ideas. Please let me know in the comments of any other subject you’d like to see a video about!

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