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This feature has been produced in partnership with Breitling.

Bondi Beach is one of the world’s most legendary pieces of sand, a veritable temple to sun, surf and tanned bods.

Aussie fitness fanatics love working out down by the beachfront, whether that means jogging past the water, popping squats at the North Bondi outdoor gym, or swimming laps at the iconic Bondi Icebergs ocean pool.

That sort of health-conscious pageantry might be fine for the average Sydneysider, but we thought we ought to show the rest of Bondi what fitness really means. That’s why DMARGE teamed up with sporty Swiss watch brand Breitling on a groundbreaking new fitness competition that had the rest of Bondi sweating with envy.

To celebrate the release of the new Breitling Endurance Pro, five of Sydney’s top athletes went head-to-head for the first-ever Breitling Endurance Pro Challenge down on Sydney’s most famous beach. Bondi lifeguard Clint Kimmins, CrossFit Games athlete Khan Porter, ex-rugby player Ben Seymor, body transformation coach Brock Ashby and Ironman Kendrick Louis competed across a series of challenges hosted by Commando Steve.

Our five athletes certainly put themselves (and the Breitling Endurance Pro) to the test. We started them off with a 3km run – the boys quickly getting into the spirit of the competition. Then, brutal burpees, followed up by some savage sandbag ground to shoulder cleans, just to make sure their traps were really feeling the burn.

It wouldn’t be a Bondi fitness challenge without some beach action. Next was some soft sand sprints, and then finally, sprints in and out of the frosty morning surf. In the end, Khan Porter took home the gold – although all the athletes did themselves proud. Naturally, their Endurance Pro watches also withstood the tough Bondi conditions with ease.

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The Endurance Pro is the perfect watch for not only fitness-forward Aussies but anyone who’s interested in high-performance watches. Made from ultra-light, hardy ‘Breitlight’ and featuring a unique pulsometer inner bezel, the Endurance Pro is a tough timepiece for those who demand only the best from their watch.

Thankfully, you don’t need to be one of Sydney’s most elite athletes to get your hands on one – check out the Endurance Pro range online or at your nearest Breitling boutique.

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