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This feature has been produced in partnership with St Hugo.

Collecting fine wine, like collecting watches or art, is both a pleasure and an opportunity. Investing in something tangible and enjoyable like a fine bottle of Cabernet means you can have your wine and drink it too. 

But the world of wine can seem quite impenetrable for a beginner, and even seasoned wine appreciators need to make sure they’re on top of their game. What’s the best way to store my wine? When should I drink a particular vintage? What should I be adding to my collection?

To take the guesswork out of creating the perfect wine cellar, South Australian fine wine brand St Hugo has launched the St Hugo Cellaring Concierge, an innovative and highly personalised new service offering guidance and expert advice for wine appreciators looking to take the next step in their wine collection.

“If you’ve ever wondered which wines were made for cellaring, what happens to wine during the ageing process, or how you can set up a cellar at home, I can help with that,” says Tim Redman, St Hugo’s newly appointed Cellaring Concierge. Access to Redman’s expert guidance is a real point of difference for consumers and demonstrates St Hugo’s innovative heritage – from the vineyard and beyond.

“Wine preferences are a very personal thing, so everyone’s ideal wine collection will be different. I hope to give people the confidence to select wines that they like and grow their collection with careful ageing,” Redman relates.

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